Cascade Mountain Winery

Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, corporate event, birthday, anniversary or simply a party, we'll work hard to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful time.

"Why is a winery listed under dining choices? Because this out-of-the-way place is a gem, known as much for its creative food prepared from local ingredients as for its award-winning wines and a funky, California kind of spirit. In fact, we almost felt we were on a Napa Valley hillside the first sunny autumn we lingered on one of several decks overlooking the apple orchards, enjoying a bottle of seyval blanc and some appealing luncheon fare."

-Getaways for Gourmets

"The pleasant dining deck of the restaurant overlooks the grassy vestige of an orchard now sparse with only a couple of gnarled trunks, a barbecue and shrubs against a wooded backdrop."

-The New York Times

You can reach us at 845 373 9021

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Happy New Year!

January is in full swing at Cascade Mountain Winery and what better way to celebrate winter than a visit to our tasting bar to try our award winning wines! We...

Columbus Day Weekend

Enjoy Tastings, Gorgeous Foliage, Sunday Crafts for Kids, and save 15% Hope to see you at the Tasting Bar!

Labor Day Weekend

Pack a picnic and bring your family up to Cascade Mountain Winery this Labor Day weekend.  Fly a kite in the field, lay in the shade or bask in the...

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