by Cascade Mountain March 08, 2017

At Cascade Mountain Winery we love creating unique blends that work for almost any palate. We began blending wines early in our career and over the years have come to find how much depth you can create in blending an assortment of styles. It brings out the creativity in our winemakers and helps our kitchen staff make unique dishes to complement each style we offer.

In an article posted on Wine-Searcher called Big Blends Take Over US Wine List, Blake Grey writes “Red blends were a popular topic in the reports. They are the fastest growing category of wine in the U.S….”

Now that blends are growing back into popularity, we have the freedom to expand on our ideas and experiment with new techniques. We want to create a delicious explosion of flavor each time you visit. And we strive for that experience not just in the wine, but also in our food pairings.

Last season we paired our Seyval with fresh Sea Scallops sauteed with a lemon Beurre Blanc, creating a light but complex dining experience. We also paired our Private Reserve Red with a juicy Flat Iron Steak topped with a Coeur Red Wine Reduction, reminding our guests of Cascade Mountain’s success in creating a bold and unforgettable menu.

Blending together experiences and flavors to create something worth a lifetime is our specialty! So join us in the tasting room today or order some gifts for you or your loved ones online at 

Cascade Mountain
Cascade Mountain


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