Our Wines
Private Reserve White $17
This Chardonnay blend has the character to compliment any meal without taking
too much of the limelight. It has an excellent balance of fruit and acidity.

Seyval Blanc $14
A dry white wine blended to have an abundance of fruit along with plenty of
acidity. This wine has won numerous awards, including three Gold Medals.

Summertide $12
Our most popular white is a semi-dry blend of grapes that have plenty of
flavor, and it goes down easy. Light and spicy with excellent fruit, it is the
perfect wine for any occasion.

Harvest Rose $12
A fresh, lively wine with an abundance of fruit, and a wonderfully crisp, clean finish.

Coeur De Lion $14
This light bodied red is made in the Beaujolais style with soft, rounded berry
flavors accented by peppery Cabernet Sauvignon produces a velvety smooth finish. 
Great quality for the price.

Private Reserve Red $17
A full-bodied, Cabernet Sauvignon blend with full berry flavors and adequate
tannins for bottle aging.

Heavenly Daze $18
Our kitchen came up with this desert sauce/spice wine and it’s been a winner.
Perfect for sipping anytime. It can also be warmed up and poured over desserts,
including Apple Charlotte which is what it was created to accompany.

Wines by the Glass: $7.00
Other Beverages: $3.50
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